High tech gadgets to be invisible

We provide the latest technology to leave your customers in privacy. No more speed tickets, no more toll road payments.

We do only work with resellers and do not sell to the public. In order to buy our products please contact the nearest reseller.

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Only 3 products, why?

We currently feature three products only. The geckoplate® cover for speed cameras and toll road cameras. Our very special Gecko cam which as a high end dash cam with a covered radar and laser detector built in.

And our special plate flipper that we have been developing and manufactured ourself. It is a state of the art product that will allow your customers to stay stealthy whenever they want to.


One size fits all.

Our invisiplate plate cover fits all European license plates. This means, no matter where you live it will fit your car.

Almost all European license plates are made in the size 52 X 11 cm. And so are our license plate covers. One size fits all.

Gecko cam® Laser/radar dash cam

The first ever dash cam with built in radar and laser detector. Now you never have to be afraid that the police can see your radar/laser detector. Our best seller right now.

Gecko cam® dashcam

Geckoplate® Plateflipper

We are extremely proud of our own developed plate flipper. It allows you to flip your license plate in 0,3 seconds. So no camera or policeman will ever be able to read your license plate.

Fits both motorcycles and cars. For car you need two units. And for motorcycle one is enough.

Geckoplate® – The most advanced license plate cover in the world

Inspired by stealth airplanes we have designed and developed the most effective and invisible license plate cover lens ever seen.

Forget about other products. The lens will block all cameras both speed and toll both cameras. It is simply the perfect gadget to sell on the counter in any car accessory shop!



Block toll road cameras

Our plate covers are designed to block any existing toll road camera in the world.

Fits all license plates

Specially designed for European license plates with the dimensions 52×11 cm.

Start making money now

We give you a fantastic opportunity to make money together with us. High profit and small minimum orders apply.

Fast delivery every week

Fast delivery all over Europe. We use Royal UK Mail as freight partner.

Order now!

We only accept wholesale orders. Minimum quantity is 10 plate covers. Or 10 plate flippers. This equals 10 cars. Or 5 Gecko cams.

To order please fill out your details and we will send you invoice and payment instructions.

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