Inspired by stealth airplanes we have designed and developed the most effective and invisible license plate cover lens ever seen.

Forget about other products. The lens will block all cameras both speed and toll both cameras. It is simply the perfect gadget to sell on the counter in any car accessory shop!

Do you want to become a Geckoplate dealer. Do not hesitate to contact us. We provide the following prices for our combined Geckoplate protector film that covers both toll both cameras and speed cameras.

10 units                24 euro per unit total order 240 euro

20 units                22 euro per unit total order 440 euro

50 units                18 euro per unit total order 900 euro (free freight within Europe)

100 units              16 euro per unit total order 1600 euro (free freight within Europe)

All payments are made in advance by paypal, TT or Bitcoin. For Swedish customers we can also offer Plusgiro payments.
All shipments are being made by Royal Mail and with a traceable package.