We are extremely proud of our own developed plate flipper. It allows you to flip your license plate in 0,3 seconds. So no camera or policeman will ever be able to read your license plate.

Fits both motorcycles and cars. For car you need two units. And for motorcycle one is enough.



6 units                  100 euro per unit total order 600 euro + freight (for 3 cars or 6 motorcycles)

12 units                90 euro per unit total order 1080 euro + freight (for 6 cars or 12 motorcycles)

24 units                75 euro per unit total order 1800 euro + freight (for 12 cars or 24 motorcycles)

All payments are made in advance by paypal, TT or Bitcoin. For Swedish customers we can also offer Plusgiro payments.
All shipments are being made by Royal Mail and with a traceable package.